Apex Loyalty Loylogic Joined Forces as Solution Partners

Apex Loyalty, the pioneer of B2B customer engagement and loyalty solutions, has teamed up with Loylogic to enhance Apex Loyalty’s global reward offering.

Loylogic is a leader in global reward incentives, offering a variety of different redemption solutions to their clients in more than 150 countries.

From converting points to fiat currencies via Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung pay, to designing large-scale, multi-currency reward catalogues featuring tangible & digital rewards with points + cash payment options, Loylogic is offering end-to-end reward incentives on a global scale.

The partnership will further improve Loylogic’s B2B solution offering, enabling Loylogic clients launch bespoke loyalty programs with Apex Loyalty’s award-winning engagement & incentivization platform to drive growth for their businesses.

Apex Loyalty’s cloud-based B2B platform is proudly powering global enterprises’ multi-country loyalty programs from different industries like CPG/FMCG, Consumer Healthcare, Manufacturing, Petcare and many more.

In addition to the B2B loyalty platform, Apex provides a “digital ordering” solution to meet today’s needs of B2B businesses in one unified solution. Using this unified B2B platform, organizations can now digitize the ordering process to create a modern & simpler way of doing business with their clients while also engaging, rewarding and incentivizing them.

Özgür Şahin, CEO at Apex Loyalty said, “For many years, Apex Loyalty has been serving significant brands in many parts of the world in the fields of B2B ecommerce and loyalty marketing.”

“We are now more capable and powerful in the rewards supply industry because of our partnership with Loylogic. We are sure that our goal of asisting companies in leveraging trade digitalization for their B2B operations will be greatly aided by this strong collaboration.”

“Thanks to INLEAGUE, we will accompany more organizations and brands on their digitalization journey. We would like to thank Loylogic and its valuable managers for inviting us to the INLEAGUE program.” Added Özgür Şahin.

Gabi Kool, CEO of Loylogic commented: “Our commitment to innovation is at the core of everything we do at Loylogic. Solving global rewards as part of a brand’s DTC strategy is an area where we excel, and by teaming up with Apex Loyalty, it will allow our combined teams to bring this seamlessly to FMCG brands who need to deliver complex large-scale, multi-country engagement programs. Combined with Apex Loyalty’s strong domain expertise in working with retail store owners, we believe that our Loylogic solutions will offer great value to such retail store owners.”

Gabi added: “We’re excited to embark on this journey with Apex Loyalty. Our mission as a company is to bring innovative rewards and engagement solutions to the market with our INLEAGUE partners, and this partnership marks a significant step forward in achieving that goal.”

Mustafa Ozalcin, Loylogic’s Director of Global Partnerships, said: “At Loylogic, we understand the importance of retailer loyalty in the B2B space. By joining forces with Apex Loyalty, we’re able to create value for FMCG / CPG clients, helping them foster stronger, lasting relationships with retailers.

“We create engagement concepts and operate program solutions comprising of technology, services and incentives, all delivered globally. By connecting our Rewards Hub, Rewards Card and Rewards Play solutions to the Apex Customer Engagement and Digital Ordering Solution, it will allow FMCG brands to have a seamless experience when working with retail store owners, including rewarding and recognizing them for interacting with the brand.”

“With INLEAGUE, our vision is to create synergistic collaborations that drive success for the partners involved. This partnership with Apex Loyalty perfectly aligns with that vision, and I am confident that together, we’ll redefine B2B loyalty and engagement strategies for the traditional trade.

You can reach our previous article from https://www.apexloyalty.com/improve-the-emotional-loyalty-of-your-customers/

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