channel participation
3 February 2021

Accelerating Channel Participation with a B2B Rewards Program

As we have covered in many of our previous articles, a satisfactory rewards program gets you far. It is not…

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B2B eCommerce
27 January 2021

B2B Ecommerce Guide: Marketing Basics and Most Common Misconceptions

As technology comes up with new ways to amaze us, we ultimately adapt to new habits. They become indispensable parts…

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AI for B2B loyalty
20 January 2021

What AI Means for B2B Loyalty

Technological advancements have come a long way in the past ten years. Things that were a part of sci-fi movies…

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advocacy marketing for b2b
6 January 2021

Advocacy Marketing for B2B: Transform Customers into Brand Advocates

One crucial element to turn potential lookers into actual customers is the customer experience. Later on, this will act as…

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business continuity for B2B
23 December 2020

Ensuring Business Continuity for B2B eCommerce at Rough Times

As we have covered in our previous posts, 2020 has been quite a challenge for everyone. B2Bs suffered a great…

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Post-Covid Loyalty Concepts
16 December 2020

Post-Covid Loyalty Concepts

As we have briefly touched upon in our most recent post, COVID-19 has introduced some unprecedented challenges to businesses on…

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Top B2B Loyalty Trends for 2021
9 December 2020

Top B2B Loyalty Trends for 2021, from Apex Loyalty Lens

With the introduction of new technologies and channels, consumers can find what they are looking for effectively. This notion brought…

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How to Build Brand Awareness in B2B Marketing Strategy?
25 November 2020

How to Build Brand Awareness in B2B Marketing Strategy?

Being good is one thing, and being the best option in the market is another. Today, things that make a…

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How to Measure Customer Loyalty?
18 November 2020

Before You Start: How to Easily Measure Customer Loyalty?

It could be ironic that an emotion, loyalty, play a major role in the performance of a business, which is…

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What is Next For Customer Loyalty Programs?
12 November 2020

What is Next for Customer Loyalty Programs?

The modern consumer today seeks more than a product or service. In fact, they look for different types of bonds…

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