Complete Loyalty Marketing Software on Cloud

We have integrated all the essential aspects of a Loyalty Program into a channel loyalty app that is cloud-based and simple to use.

Personalized Community Platform

Website design is very important, and one size doesn’t always fit all. As such, we have produced a drag-and-drop design wizard to simplify both the content and design-end of your platform.

On-Site Engagement Utilities

A big issue with Loyalty Programs involves creating a positive connection between a company’s brand and its customers. Establishing such a link is only feasible by customer engagement. Apex Loyalty presents the most effective interactive and gamification utilities used by Loyalty programs that have proven to be successful.

Tailored Segmentation and Campaign Management

Accomplishing a successful customized loyalty program involves the development of relevant customer campaign segments. The Apex Loyalty segmentation and campaign wizard lets you produce an unlimited amount of customer segmentation and campaigns for collecting and redeeming points.

Marketing Automation Tools

Successful community management requires sustainable communication. Apex Loyalty provides you with a progressive marketing automation utility with email & SMS marketing tools to communicate off-platform.

Rewards Built-In

For a Loyalty program to be successful, it must offer essential incentives and rewards for acquired points to be redeemed. Selection and procurement of rewards is a tedious task that warrants plenty of experience. Fortunately, we handle such difficulty on your behalf. Apex Loyalty provides a Rewards-Ready Loyalty platform that allows managers to allocate their precious time to marketing endeavors.

Loyalty on Salesforce

As a Loyalty SaaS automation program that is completely cloud-based, Apex Loyalty is developed natively on’s infrastructure. As the founder of the “software as a service” industry, Salesforce encourages ongoing advancement and transparency. Apex Loyalty progresses such innovation through incentive and loyalty automation.

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