Alternative to Loylogic

Alternative to Loylogic


Founded in Zurich, Switzerland, in 2005, Loylogic thrives in loyalty solutions that focuses on improvement and rewarding. With the area of expertise ranging from telecommunications to hospitality, Loylogic strives for offering the best service they can provide. In this article we will show you Apex Loyalty Alternative Loylogic.

About Apex Loyalty

Excelling in B2B loyalty software, Apex Loyalty aims to help your brand get in touch with your existing customers and reward them as business partners through this service. Apex Loyalty provides an omni-channel platform for your brand which will allow you to track your customer pool and make better, smarter business decisions.

About Loylogic

Loylogic provides an award-winning service, loyalty solution and e-payments. With 9 headquarter worldwide, Loylogic helps brands keep their customer pool actives with various solutions and keeps the brands up to date with the latest loyalty solutions.

Some Key Features Loylogic Offers

Dezerved Solution

With Loylogic’s Dezerved service, brands can get the full loyalty program experience. Dezerved promises full efficiency at the cost of minimal effort. With Dezerved, brands can sit back and watch as the solution handles the assets, promotions and carries out special limited time offer. With this service, Loylogic also provides extensive technical support to make sure your brand does not face any hassles during transactions.

Pointspay Solution

With the Pointspay service, allowing your customers to collect and/or redeem points is easier than ever. Sellers that are in contract with Pointsplay can allow their customers to choose between paying with their points or cash with a simple click at the checkout. Customers who prefer to pay with cash, then get to have the points from their purchase which will be transferred into their accounts in a real-time transaction. 

Some Key Features Apex Loyalty Offers

Personalized Community Platform

The website design is very important and there is not always a “one size fits all”. That’s why Apex Loyalty has created a drag-and-drop layout wizard to simplify both the content and layout of your platform. 

Segmentation and Campaign Management

Running a successful tailored loyalty program requires developing relevant customer campaign segments. Apex Loyalty segmentation and campaign wizard excels in allowing you to create limitless customer segmentations, and campaigns to collect and redeem points. 

Built-in Rewards

In order for a loyalty program to be successful, it must provide significant incentives and rewards redeeming points earned. Selecting and obtaining rewards are dreary as it is, and it requires a lot of experience. Apex Loyalty resolves that problem by offering a “RewardsReady Loyalty” platform which will allow managers to focus on marketing activities. 

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