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The loyalty program is key to customer retention. B2B loyalty program on Salesforce provides various types of solutions and new ideas evolving to your business. In your business, it gives importance to develop your relationships with other business as B2B suggests. To this extend, Apex Loyalty manages your internet channel’s outline; offers solutions to the current problems. It presents new tips and strategies for a crisis environment. Therefore, Apex Loyalty works with a huge team from behavior engineers to advisors while always putting your profits forward.

What is a B2B loyalty program?

B2B loyalty programs It is a different b2b sales channel than B2C loyalty programs. It helps you make more sales to hundreds of dealers with various automation. With its strong gamification background, Apex Loyalty raises average basket amounts and increases your turnover.

Do B2B loyalty programs work?

B2B loyalty programs are very important for brands that have hundreds of dealers and want to manage their relations with their dealers in the most effective way. And it works! We’ll show you some of our success stories under the next topic.

B2B Loyalty Programs Examples & Best Practices

Apex Loyalty provides b2b loyalty platform support of many brands around the world. Some of our success stories:

  • Pepsico: It covers all the brands under the umbrella of Pepsico and approximately 40,000 stores selling Pepsico products. Apex Loyalty won the Pepsico “2019 Global CIO Awards” with its b2b loyalty platform.
  • Abbott: Apex Loyalty has been implemented very successfully. Judges said: “It should be very normal to communicate with customers. Unfortunately, it isn’t. Abbott Turkey showed effective use of multiple channels and mechanics to communicate using an online portal aiming to create a Diabetes Community to share information and advice, give support, and even fundraise. Involved parties include doctors and pharmacies as well as end-user members who are involved by using the loyalty program. Very impressive.”

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Frequently Asked Questions About B2B Loyalty

Here are some questions you may have about B2B loyalty programs. You can always contact Apex Loyalty.

How Does the Process Go Before Starting a B2B Loyalty Program?

The pre-launching period is a part of our consultation service, as we do not exclude it from the overall strategic planning. Asking the true questions is the key to start the most fitting and successful program. Usually, the questions to discuss at this very first stage are:

  • Does your business really require a B2B loyalty program? Does your budget also allow it?
  • Is your product full-fledged?
  • Are you able to define your most profitable area? Can you reach your customer base and channel partners accordingly?
  • If you are done with the above, it’s time to look at this here: Can you really understand the strategic goals of your business and your partners’ businesses?

Each answer will enable us to put the strongest building blocks into the foundation of your B2B loyalty strategy. Let’s have a look at them, and start guiding you on the theory level before we help your plans get realized.

How to Switch to a New B2B Loyalty Program?

You can always identify your needs and strategize according to your company goals. That is the first answer to how to switch to a new B2B loyalty program. For further support, you can always contact a professional B2B loyalty program consultant. Apex Loyalty is also here for your support. If you have any questions about how to switch to a new B2B loyalty program, simply get in touch with us.

Should We Invest in B2B Loyalty Marketing During the COVID 19 Pandemic?

B2B marketers all over the globe were caught off-guard when COVID-19 hit in 2020. The pandemic has since spread rapidly throughout the world. Obviously, it affected marketing and sales for almost every industry. We can certainly say that the COVID-19 pandemic was one great element of uncertainty of the past decade, or maybe even two decades. In such times of uncertainty, B2B professionals resort to loyalty marketing to sustain their business. This is definitely a smart way to survive such periods.

How to Measure Incremental Sales Through B2B Loyalty Program?

ARPU and Churn methods are quick to bring into companies focused on subscription services, such as email, pay-tv, or voice communications. If you want a more factual prediction, adding some vagueness might be an idea and thinking of more complicated variants and indicators. The maintenance costs as well as the underlying ROI of operating the B2B loyalty program.

How to Communicate Effectively with B2B Loyalty Program Members?

Obviously, you can personalize this list based on your B2B demands or your specific market. It is vital to keep in mind that although this is business, your purchasers are likely to buy from you more loyally if you manage to humanize your strategy. This simply means that you need to speak to your audience. That way, the whole perception of the market will shift as well as how the business positions itself in its customers’ eyes.

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