How to Convert B2B Buyers to Ordering Online
5 May 2021

How to Convert B2B Buyers to Ordering Online More?

E-commerce has been such a convenient and practical sales method for quite a while now. Its impact is undeniable yet…

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29 April 2021

B2B Loyalty for Food Industry

The transition to B2B loyalty for food industry technologies by food wholesale distributors is unsurprising, as loyalty technology has proven to be an effective tool in almost any business strategy. Supplying goods to dealers, which then distribute to retail stores, is known as B2B retailing. For years, this model has…

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29 April 2021

B2B Loyalty for Beverage Industry

One of the most pervasive industries on the planet is the food and beverage industry. Each customer may have distinct tastes and preferences. As a result, using the same marketing segmentation, also known as mass marketing, and selling a single marketing mix to all customers is unable to meet all…

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29 April 2021

B2B Loyalty for Automotive Sector

Automotive B2B marketing is a huge industry that has long been important to the global economy. Therefore it's no surprise B2B loyalty for automotive sector not only exists but also is a significant element. However, it is currently experiencing a period of significant change, driven by a number of factors,…

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27 April 2021

Healthcare B2B Loyalty

The healthcare industry is undeniably growing, making it a particularly appealing investment opportunity for both B2B and B2C businesses. No wonder healthcare B2B loyalty and marketing approaches became a matter of study. While other industries tend to imitate market patterns, with expansion and contraction stages, healthcare consistently tends to place…

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goods-related b2b vs service-related b2b
14 April 2021

Goods-Related B2B vs Service-Related B2B

In each of our articles, we aim to propose how vast an ocean B2B marketing is. There are so many…

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business buyer behaviour
7 April 2021

Business Buyer Behaviour – Types, Decision Process, Influencing Factors

When mapping out their marketing strategy, B2B takes various elements into account. Without a doubt, business buyer behaviour is one…

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Account-Based Marketing for B2B
24 March 2021

Account-Based Marketing for B2B: What is it and is it right for your B2B?

The game of sales is trickier than it has ever been. Particularly after COVID-19 hit the world in 2020, B2B…

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customer loyalty marketing
17 March 2021

Choosing the Right Building Blocks for Your Customer Loyalty Marketing

Customer loyalty marketing is one of the pillars of marketing strategies for B2Bs. Any B2B that is in the market…

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3 March 2021

What does Salesforce offer for B2B eCommerce in times of Covid?

The appearance and the rapid spread of COVID-19 caused marketers all around the world to suffer greatly. Without a doubt,…

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