Content Consumption Rate in Loyalty

In today’s competitive commerce climate, buying experience – real-world or virtual – outweighs the purchased product itself. As long as customers choose to pay more attention to the experience over the product quality, the content will remain at the top of your loyalty strategy to-do list. Needless to say, this brought about the requirement to understand whether your content strategy is working or not. Apex Loyalty features content consumption rate, among other intelligent metrics, in order to work this issue out in precision. But first and foremost, you need to start with good quality content.

Content Tells About Who You Are

It’s an interesting era we are living in. The demand for content is everywhere, in every domain, and good content became powerful leverage. For businesses, it has even become a distinguishing feature that makes a huge impact on customer buying decisions.

Content has proven to be the main source for generating organic attention to your brand. Be it through search traffic, sharing on social media, or traditionally word of mouth, it became reinforcement for your identity. If you leverage this power in the most fitting way with your values, you can establish your authentic voice and look across your channel.

Content is what renders you omnipresent across channels by accompanying your members at every stage of their buying experience. This content is sometimes company updates, new product launches, surveys, a product video, a new price list, or a competition.  Keep in mind, though – you need a strategy for ensuring all of these are clear from hollow catchphrases.

Be authentic, be sincere, be yourself in creating your content. However, math is still necessary. Not losing the natural touch to it, you can still formalize it. In the end, it’s your chance for a refined introduction of who you are and what you are offering.

Components like content consumption rate ensure your efforts are well received on other sides of your channel, in the way as you meant them, that will result in consumer satisfaction.

Content Proven to Reinforce Loyalty

For many years, customer satisfaction had been discussed mostly in the traditional sense. When the subject of satisfaction was shifted to online settings, it has more become about loyalty in online domains. No wonder eCommerce companies now choose to invest in loyalty programs and leave this matter to professional hands for many more years to come.

For the B2B context, it is even more vital. We can think it as a tactic to attract customers where it is necessary, as a way of encouragement to be a part of a larger whole, that is your channel. It means more than spicing up a buying process or adding fun and hip elements to it. In B2B channels, producing and sharing relevant and timely content aims more than plain attraction, it’s more of an invitation to be a part of a co-building activity.

It shouldn’t be confused with advertising-centric marketing material, though. In the B2B context, it’s more about sharing mutual interest, that’s totally different than announcements made in a top-down manner. In the search for attracting loyalty, you don’t get to persuade customers to buy this or that. You are telling a bigger story – this doesn’t mean your stories won’t contribute to your sales, though. Forming a single brand look as a whole channel, no doubt you’ll manifest a stronger image in the market.

Various study shows that content consumption is the starting point of the path to a purchase decision. Efforts in delivering quality content in a continuous way will encourage consistency in sales. 

Employing Content Consumption Rate with Apex Loyalty

Loyalty programs like Apex Loyalty provide a reliable hand here. With content consumption rate utilized, you can create better campaigns with relevant content that not only educates your channel but also draws attention to your products. Most B2B platforms operate as web-based or mobile applications. Even making your members want to check-in daily and wonder what you shared today is a major thing. Relevant and tasteful educational content might cultivate a regular habit with your members in doing so.

How should we define “relevance”, though? What if quality content doesn’t bring returns because it doesn’t “click” with the channel members?

With Apex Loyalty, you will know what to look at when it comes to relevance.

How to Measure Relevance?

Relevance is reciprocal – it tells about both your preferences and customer preferences in what they choose to engage with. Content consumption rate is a key metric in loyalty programs. It demonstrates how much your loyalty members are consuming your content and engaging with it.

Apex Loyalty content consumption rate metric will enable you to set objectives as a base for your content creation. Once you are able to articulate your objectives, you will be able to read them clearly from the results.

By mapping out your strategy with Apex Loyalty, you’ll be able to predict customer preferences and formulate compatible content strategies. This will not only result in more engagement but also make you more adaptive within your market for future challenges.


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