How to Convert B2B Buyers to Ordering Online

E-commerce has been such a convenient and practical sales method for quite a while now. Its impact is undeniable yet there are still those who reject embracing new technologies. In fact, the majority of B2Bs are distant to the use of online because of their loyal customers who are reluctant to order online. However, eCommerce is such a great opportunity and it is impossible to miss being a part of it. That being said, it is essential to convert B2B buyers to ordering online more. So in this article, we will discuss how to convert B2B buyers to ordering online more. How to make sure you do not lose your loyal customers when going more online?

Why ordering online is important?

You know that 89 percent of B2B customers want to make more of their transactions through sellers like you, who deliver comprehensive e-commerce services, but what do you do with the remaining 11% who are hesitant to move online?

B2B eCommerce is experiencing a rapid transformation in today’s digital environment, and it is beginning to imitate the mentality and strategies that have made B2C e-commerce companies so effective. Although a great number of B2B customers expect to be able to order online, some customers still prefer to position their orders through conventional offline networks, despite having to spend hours flipping through a thick paper catalog.

According to a new survey, the biggest obstacle to having B2B customers switch to online shopping is their aversion to change. Even though a new solution could be more useful to them, many B2B customers prefer to stick with a method they are familiar with.

How to encourage B2B buyers to ordering online more?

So, how can you persuade your more conventional B2B clients to adopt online ordering? To begin, reassure them that they will continue to be respected as they have always been and that using your B2B order management platform will provide them with the following benefits:

Be accessible for your customers

B2B customers who use offline channels must position orders within specific time frames and communicate and collaborate with multiple parties at the same time. They must also wait in line to place an order due to traditional service representative to customer ratios that can result in wait times of several hours or more. This applies when even though they may need something instantly.

A B2B online shop, on the other hand, never sleeps, even though it’s the middle of the night or a holiday. Your B2B eCommerce platform serves as a virtual sales agent. This agent is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and allows your customers to:

-Check out the goods and their availability.

-Take a look at the most recent pricing discounts and exclusive offers.

-Orders can be placed immediately, and the status of the orders can be tracked.

Make it simple for them

B2B consumers will complete the entire ordering process in one location with B2B online ordering, eliminating the need to negotiate with other parties. They can also do the following:

-Review your online product catalog for the most up-to-date information on specific products (e.g. descriptions, pricing, etc.)

-Using your online space, they can check the availability of products without the need to speaking to an agent

-Order a product that is out of stock and receive it when it is back in stock

-Edit their orders and see the changes and updates on order status

-Overview their past orders and place the same orders.

Offer a better customer support

Customers’ experience and support for omnichannel customers are essential to B2B eCommerce companies. They offer a sales team dedicated to meeting the needs of their online customers. In addition, they invite B2B customers to express their issues and ask questions through a 24/7 support platform.

Customers favor high-quality customer service over price in B2B eCommerce, according to new research. The 52 percent say they would purchase from smaller retailers if they provided a higher standard of customer service.

Make past data available

Customers that switch to online ordering provide B2B companies with useful information about their buying habits. Customers’ online order history can be accessed by businesses. This will enable them to see the items that appeal to them as well as how much they’re spending.

Keeping your customers loyal

B2B buyers’ aspirations have been boosted as a result of dealing with B2C online sellers, who demand a seamless buying experience across platforms. Furthermore, business clients are more likely to return if you regularly offer the lowest rates and provide an easy-to-use website.

If rates and product specifications are transparently listed online, B2B businesses are more likely to purchase from the same supplier again. Customer loyalty is based on whether merchants monitor buyers’ shopping preferences through various platforms and deliver customized suggestions, just as it is with consumer websites.

Loyalty is one of the core answers: How to Convert B2B Buyers to Ordering Online?

The above tips can help you convert B2B buyers to ordering online more. How to convert B2B buyers to ordering online more is a challenging topic in some fields. Should you need professional support about how to convert B2B buyers to ordering online more, you can always contact Apex Loyalty.

As a leading B2B loyalty program, Apex Loyalty offers customized services for your B2B that will further improve your B2B loyalty. You will know how to convert B2B buyers to ordering online more and better strategize for the future. See our services and embrace your eCommerce potential!

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