Post-Covid Loyalty Concepts

As we briefly touched upon in our most recent post, COVID-19 has introduced unprecedented challenges to businesses on all fronts. This has inevitably brought along an adaptation process. In parallel to this, the concept of loyalty also changed for B2B. In this post, we will discuss the post-covid loyalty concepts in detail.

Different Approach for Each Front

COVID-19 has taught us to see B2B loyalty from different perspectives. It does not only mean loyalty from customers now but also shows loyalty’s importance at the employee, vendor, and retailer front. B2B marketers should now give more importance to employee loyalty than ever. Studies show that the unemployment rate is more than 30% with the surge of COVID-19. At these rough times, B2B marketers should work with B2B loyalty experts to draft a B2B loyalty program strategy to balance their staff and increase loyalty at the same time.

We should also consider the concept of loyalty from the retailer’s perspective. Likewise, planning an adoptive B2B loyalty program considering post-COVID loyalty concepts might be useful for B2Bs. Postponing payments and drafting installment packages are some methods that could increase B2B loyalty from the retailer’s perspective.

What Changed for Customers after COVID-19?

It is now even more important to make a difference. COVID-19 has affected the whole world, and to show that you care, your B2B business should show how it thinks outside the box to accelerate recovery globally. Through impactful actions that align with loyalty, B2Bs can add to their current customer base. In addition, they can further improve B2B loyalty within the framework of post-covid loyalty concepts.

The pandemic has long-term implications for B2B businesses globally. Now that consumers have shifted from traditional shopping behaviors to online ones, they expect more from businesses. Personalization, easy shopping, and a better understanding of their behaviors are some of the concepts of loyalty that B2B businesses should consider. A smooth e-commerce experience that makes a difference in flexibility is a must-consider among post-COVID loyalty concepts. Once the customer knows that your B2B offers the most optimal experience, they will return for more. Eventually, this will reflect on the B2B loyalty for your brand.

Reading Post-Covid Loyalty Concepts, How Would You Want Your Brand to Shine?

In terms of B2B loyalty, consumers will want to associate their brand with one that has a purpose in this tough time. This includes societal issues such as being environmentally friendly and health concerns. In that respect, post-covid loyalty concepts introduce the idea of “spending on the real deal.” If your B2B is loyal to the planet and shows that it cares for the people who live on it in these catastrophic times, then the customer will also be loyal to you. Those B2Bs that do not take any meaningful action might be forgotten in time, but if you set up a B2B loyalty channel that shows how you care, your associates will remember that. This will eventually and inevitably increase B2B loyalty. Refrain from using tricky promotions that will cause suspicion and unreliability among your customers. Instead, set up a B2B loyalty program that is smart. In the end, it will be a win-win for everyone included.

The greatest change in B2B loyalty in the upcoming period is the importance of being bold. As post-covid loyalty concepts require taking up chances, your B2B brand should continue looking for them. If your business has stopped due to the crisis, consider setting up a professional B2B loyalty program. It will help you mine the opportunities that your competition might miss. It is the right time to develop new B2B loyalty strategies that might have appeared unconventional. Dream big and get creative! That is the one way to increase B2B loyalty.

Apex Loyalty’s Place in Post-Covid Loyalty Concepts

According to research, more than 50% of the B2B specialists surveyed believe that a more targeted and personalized approach will be helpful in terms of B2B loyalty. Your brand could plan an impeccable digital outreach by using account data and behavior to understand the B2B purchasers’ decision drivers and a sound B2B loyalty program. Never forget to collect customer feedback. You can always count on online programs to collect and analyze your customers’ behaviors for you. With this, you will better understand the pain points and openings that could impact B2B loyalty.

While everyone is trying to survive this pandemic, you can stay ahead of the game by lending an ear to your customers. For a smart and customized B2B loyalty program that is generated in line with post-covid loyalty concepts, you can contact Apex Loyalty. Apex Loyalty offers smart plans customized just for you so that you can maintain and even improve your B2B loyalty during COVID-19.

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