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As we have covered in our previous posts, 2020 has been quite a challenge for everyone. B2Bs suffered a great loss along with everyone else. As much as it was difficult, we see a flicker of hope with 2021. Still, we need to adapt to whatever the “new normal” brings in order to ensure business continuity for B2Bs in 2021. In this article, we hope to introduce a couple of ideas that might help you add new aspects to your B2B business continuity plan for 2021.

Freshening Up the Strategies for Business Continuity

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, there has been a disruption of commerce for B2Cs and B2Bs. This caused a steep surge of demand, new supply chain adversaries, and a change in customer behavior. We mentioned in our previous article about post-covid loyalty concepts that B2Bs need to adapt to the new normal with new B2B loyalty programs. In addition to this, there are some methods to sustain business continuity in these rough times. This is not only about B2B loyalty but it is also about providing a safe eCommerce environment for the consumers. This will eventually add to your customer loyalty and can be a permanent aspect of your B2B loyalty program as well.

We have gathered a list of strategies that will ensure business continuity for B2B in 2021. The list is prepared based on data from different areas, the current challenges, and successful best practices.

Maintaining Current Client Base with New Support Measures

New challenges require new measures. During this past period, the majority of the companies started providing extra support and services to maintain customer satisfaction. If you have not already, you need to find what could help the customer relieve in these rough times in your sector. This will help you maintain your current B2B loyalty level, and even further improve your relationships with your clientele. Some basic strategies in this regard could provide free deliveries or extra lowered prices to regions or businesses that you know to be affected the most. You could also go over your clients one by one, and identify the pressing needs for each of them. This is business continuity planning at its best!

Re-Invent Your eCommerce Identity

Now that a great deal of B2Bs take their work home, the digital presence of the brand is even more important. Businesses need to get in touch with whomever they always contacted in whichever method they are used to. Even if you cannot offer support in person anymore, you can strengthen your online game to ensure business continuity. This calls for providing a timely and fitting, valid, and thorough e-commerce site. A site that will be convincing enough to keep your customers as your customers. They will then see no reason to seek service from a competitor. People love the convenience at such times. So why not update your B2B loyalty program in a way that will contain strategies for business continuity?

Making It Easier When It Comes to Returns Policies

Now that we leave 2020 behind us, we know what kind of demand fluctuations B2B ecommerce has suffered with COVID-19. It is therefore understandable that some companies that were deeply affected revise their purchases. They may also wish to return some goods they already purchased. It is true that your B2B’s financial stability is equally important. However, you need to find ways to convenience your returns policy for your clients. Business continuity for B2B mostly means customer satisfaction, and the pandemic has affected everyone. Bearing this in mind, it is your paramount priority to strategize accordingly.

Be Smart with Demand-Supply Irregularities

Inevitably, the pandemic has caused some disruptions in demand and supply for B2Bs. This might have caused your B2B difficulties in terms of supply and transportation. Besides the physical aspects of this challenge, you need to make sure that your e-commerce is also ready to handle this. As we have mentioned before, business continuity for B2B entails reliable supplies and convenience for customers. Therefore, you need to be there for your customer with a sound web site that can handle the traffic, and the demand. It should also offer convenient options at every step of the purchase. Another smart way to sustain B2B loyalty at this phase is to be transparent if you were not already. Show stock info, real-time prices, transportation options. These are important factors that affect a purchasing decision. Show that you are looking out for your customer by being transparent in these difficult times. They will surely look out for you later on when it is smooth sailing.

Business continuity for B2B doesn’t have to be a challenge for you. With smart business continuity planning strategies we listed above, you can maintain and improve your B2B loyalty levels. If you need customized business continuity plans for your B2B, you can always see what Apex Loyalty has to offer for your brand and industry. Remember that a creative and convenient B2B loyalty program and business continuity plan can make the greatest difference in these rough times.


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