The appearance and the rapid spread of COVID-19 caused marketers all around the world to suffer greatly. Without a doubt, it affected B2Bs gravely as well. Many businesses halted production or could no longer serve, so they closed. Overall, surviving the pandemic has been quite a challenge for businesses worldwide.

Amidst this chaos, B2Bs relied on loyalty strategies and B2B loyalty programs to continue their existence. The solution to surviving the pandemic and standing out to gather brand advocates also lies in loyalty. Most B2Bs used CRM technologies such as Salesforce in these rough times. But what does it offer for B2B eCommerce in times of COVID-19? What makes it special? In this article, we’ll discuss Salesforce for B2B eCommerce during Covid.

How Does Salesforce Help During Covid-19?

Salesforce aims to offer solutions in all aspects of business and has many products to accommodate this purpose. Salesforce’s strongest aspect is that it functions on a cloud base. This enables B2Bs to merge and work on their products simultaneously. Salesforce eCommerce is, therefore, great support. With this platform, eCommerce is made easier on the cloud.

Salesforce for B2B eCommerce is your tailored platform so that you can manage your business based on your specific needs. This is a very important aspect of managing your business online. With custom management and service options, B2Bs smartly step up their eCommerce game.

Smart products save you time

Salesforce for B2B eCommerce covers all aspects of your business. This thorough approach helps companies manage their businesses and customer communication worldwide. It oversees B2B lead generation after a sale and uses such data to help you manage future activity.

Users can use a detailed account and contact management to get a full 360-degree view of their customers. They can make informed sales decisions based on contact and purchasing history, notes and documentation exchanged internally with other team members, and social media insights.

Salesforce’s Einstein AI module will track a lead’s origin, rate it, and use that information to assess which goods and services match best. Furthermore, Einstein will determine the best time to contact new and repeat clients, ensuring that consumers are never cold-called.

Data visualization made easy

With a sophisticated dashboard that allows users to build personalized sales forecasting reports and monitor the entire team’s success, sales data visualization has always been challenging.

Salesforce’s mobile application, which you can access via smartphone or tablet, is also part of Sales Cloud. You can easily record, visualize, and use sales data even on the go.

Deploying Salesforce for B2B eCommerce during Covid

Since Salesforce is a platform geared towards conversion, your business will grow thanks to increased sales. And what do companies crave during the pandemic? More sales. In that respect, Salesforce for B2B eCommerce during Covid is a major help. Thanks to its eCommerce strategies, you can always get more out of your business. Your visibility among your competition will skyrocket evidently.

Customer satisfaction is also key, and Salesforce helps with this by delivering excellent customer support solutions. The focus is always on providing customers with the quickest and most efficient solution possible, preferably through self-service portals. For a repeat company, a good customer service experience is crucial.

Improve your processes to get the best out of your eCommerce presence

Salesforce is also highly useful for increasing efficiency because it streamlines business processes. Instead of recruiting additional employees to prop up the back end, this allows workers to spend more time on their positions rather than data administration or research. You may invest resources more in sales staff or important people who can enrich the company.

It will use intelligent marketing to produce more sales leads, then handle and nurture those leads before the right time comes to approach the consumer. Salesforce for B2B eCommerce will use the information from the sale to guide future marketing and sales activities — it’s a never-ending cycle of collecting and harnessing data to enhance future processes.

Salesforce for B2B eCommerce during Covid

As you can see above, the products and services of Salesforce are endless. You can always customize your experience and get the best out of it. This is even more important during Covid. The global pandemic has driven people to their homes, and eCommerce is more important than ever.

Even before the global pandemic, the purchasing experience was almost completely moved to the digital world. As a result, B2Bs need to manage their presence and customer experience smartly. Salesforce offers the best platform to help you do this in a custom fashion. With the direct and smooth communication opportunities it offers, your B2B will have a better chance of standing out in the pandemic. Your business will keep growing and not lose momentum like it would if you refused to use this technology. With the data

The platform also ensures that your sales will be on-point and your B2B loyalty program will remain intact. Salesforce for B2B eCommerce during COVID-19 offers the most applicable solutions for your company.

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