Sportswear Loyalty Programs: 5 Tips on Creating One

For companies offering products in the sportswear area, effective sportswear loyalty programs can be useful. These programs can be a way to improve the loyalty of the customers to the brand. Here on this blog post you can find out more about these loyalty programs and check out 5 tips on creating one.

While clothing is an essential part of life, it can also be a way to express one’s style. Today lots of people are interested in fitness and sports, making sportswear a desirable type of clothing for many. Thus it can be important for sportswear companies to focus on brand loyalty and retaining customers.

One of the significant ways of spreading brand loyalty can be through loyalty programs that are well-designed and carried out. If you are curious about what a sportswear loyalty program is and how to create one, you can keep reading this post.

Loyalty Programs Basics: What are They and How Do They Work?

First and foremost, let’s begin by exploring what a loyalty program is and how it basically works in principle. Simply put, a loyalty program is a program based around incentives like rewards and discounts for improving loyalty to the brand and keeping customers.

After attracting a new customer, an important goal for a company can be to turn them into a regular customer. This way the company can get more value from a customer over time. So we can say that aside from finding new customers, employing strategies, such as the use of loyalty programs, to retain them can be quite important.

What is a Sportswear Loyalty Program?

B2C and B2B loyalty programs can be utilized in a variety of industries in order to boost brand loyalty. These can be many areas from tourism to gaming, cosmetics, food or fashion. As a part of the fashion industry, loyalty programs can be used in the sportswear area, too.

Basically, sportswear loyalty programs are the use of various types of rewards in for sportswear products to offer an incentive for the customers to keep buying from a company. Just like loyalty programs in any other field, many different strategies and channels can be utilized for these programs.

Why Make Use of a Sportswear Loyalty Program?

Designing and carrying out good sportswear loyalty programs can be time consuming and can cost resources. Consequently, you may be wondering why such programs should be used at all. The purpose of using loyalty programs in the sportswear field is to enhance brand loyalty.

Loyalty programs are used in many fields with varying successes. Making use of a sportswear loyalty program can be a way to improve the loyalty that customers have for the brand. In turn, the customer lifetime value of a company can potentially be increased. Therefore the company may get more revenue from individual customers over a period of time with a successful loyalty program.

Tips on Creating Sportswear Loyalty Programs

Although offering a simple loyalty program can be quite a straightforward process, creating a successful one can be difficult. So for developing good sportswear loyalty programs, you may want to know about a few important details.

Firstly, the program you are building should be easy for customers to join and use. In addition, don’t forget to give customers great informative content and use social media effectively. Also, you may consider turning the process into a game for the customers. Now let’s take a look at these tips in better detail.

1. Aim to Offer a Great Customer Experience with the Program

One of the important factors to remember in sportswear loyalty programs is to make the use of the program easy for customers. So aim to simplify the processes required for the customers to join and make use of the program.

2. Remember to Utilize Social Media and Your Online Presence

The effective use of your online presence and social media can be a smart way to support a sportswear loyalty program. With social media it is possible to communicate with the customers in a quick way and this can be used to build brand loyalty.

3. Provide Customers with Quality Content Through Various Channels

Instead of focusing solely on the direct marketing of your products, you may provide your customers with useful content that can be helpful in the sportswear area and in relevant topics. In turn, this may improve brand loyalty as customers can trust the brand more and feel a sense of appreciation.

4. Create a Sense of Progress, Competition and Keep Things Fun

Captivating the customers’ attention and keeping them engaged can be very important for sportswear loyalty programs. So in order to achieve this it can be a good idea to turn things into a game by creating a sense of competition, progress and making the process fun.

Sportswear Loyalty Programs Examples

Even though it may be simple to get a grasp on the basics of sportswear loyalty programs, you may need some real world examples for better understanding. By learning about the loyalty programs of some of the popular brands in this area, it can be easier to comprehend what these programs are.

Below you can find a quick look at the loyalty program examples from Nike and Adidas. These are very well-known and successful companies selling sportswear products. Let’s learn about the loyalty programs that they use to build and maintain loyalty from the customers for their respective brands.

1. Nike (Nike Membership Program)

One of the most popular sportswear brands in the world is Nike. This company’s loyalty program is Nike membership program. The program is free to join and offers various benefits to customers. Since the program doesn’t work with customers getting points and spending them, we can say that it is more based around developing a community for the brand. Perks like free shipping and access to exclusive products are some of the advantages offered in the program currently.

2. Adidas (adiClub Program)

Another popular company in the sportswear field is Adidas. Different from Nike’s loyalty program, Adidas’ loyalty program is based around points and tiers. By getting more points and reaching higher tiers customers get access to more advantages in this program.

How to Create Sportswear Loyalty Programs

While it can cost time and resources, good sportswear loyalty programs can be worth carrying out in the long run. In order to create an effective loyalty program in the sportswear field, it can be very important to know about your audience and what will get their attention and loyalty.

Along with knowing about the customers that you want to retain, setting goals and tracking them can be a significant part of this process as well. Moreover, deciding on a budget and complying with it can be another important step. After creating and beginning to utilize the loyalty program, you may also consider making adjustments when needed to better adapt to the changing circumstances.


Regardless of the field, when a company is selling goods or providing services to customers, finding and retaining these customers can be a crucial goal for it. For achieving the goal of keeping customers, loyalty programs can be a significant tool.

When creating sportswear loyalty programs, many factors can be quite important. For instance, offering a good customer experience with the program and effective use of social media can be two of these factors. By following the necessary steps for properly designing and carrying out a good loyalty program, brand loyalty may be improved for a company in the sportswear field.

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