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B2B Customer Loyalty Program phenomenon has opened the doors for many businesses across the whole wide world. Especially in the last two years as we faced difficult times during the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses using a B2B Customer Loyalty Program, no matter how small or how big they were, connected with other businesses to find potential partners.

While the sad reality of the pandemic meant businesses going bankrupt and millions of people losing their jobs across the globe, thousands of other businesses was able to find a business partner willing to come over the hurdles of the pandemic together. And these programs had a huge part to play in this! In this article, we will give you three B2B Customer Loyalty Program examples and highlight some their best features to show what makes the recipe for success.

Apex Loyalty

Apex Loyalty is one of the game changers in the B2B Customer Loyalty Program market today. As our motto is “Transform the way you engage with trade”, we aim to help businesses take a new stand in their business relations. Apex Loyalty allows its’ users to take the full advantage of features such like a personalization on the platform that your business can use to represent who you are, engagement management that makes customer engagement easier than ever, on-site tools for engagement that eliminate the need for third-party applications, and so on.

Apex Loyalty is the key to the next generation in commerce, and the home for innovation. What’s more is that Apex Loyalty also has features such as customer segmentation and a rewards catalogue that is built in the program. Not only does this increase the user interaction, but it also helps the businesses know their customers better. Though Apex Loyalty has success stories of enterprises such as Pepsico, our B2B Customer Loyalty Program is suited for businesses of all scales. Because we believe in connection and innovation, and we know it cannot be limited to one size.

For our Pepsico success story;

Comarch Loyalty Management

Originated in Krakow, Poland, Comarch Loyalty Management’s B2B Customer Loyalty Program is one of a kind. As an IT business solutions provider, Comarch has been changing the game on large scales since 1993. Comarch’s service is heavily customer experience based, which makes using it a very big advantage for big businesses such as enterprises and even governments. One of their unique features is the helpdesk management system that is excellently executed.

Comarch’s B2B Customer Loyalty Program is one of the prime tools for businesses to see just how important keeping good relations lies on mutual respect and teamwork. What does this mean exactly? This means that their product allows for a data exchange between business partners, allowing both sides of the trade to be clear and stand on the same page which is extremely important for big scale businesses where, unfortunately, person to person connection can be overlooked. More on that, Comarch’s B2B Customer Loyalty Program also offers an omnichannel communication feature which helps businesses reach out to their users on multiple platforms such as via email and SMS. 

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In this article, we gave you three B2B Customer Loyalty Program examples, all of which have their own set of unique, distinctive features and advantages that make for a successful B2B Customer Loyalty Program. If you want to know more, please visit

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