What is the Best Personalized Community Platform?

The Personalized Community Platform frenzy is taking the business world by storm. These platforms have been helping businesses in all of the departments: marketing, customer service, data collection, so on so forth. In this article, we will briefly explain the purpose of a Personalized Community Platform, why you should use it and give an example of a good Personalized Community Platform.

What is a Community Platform?

A Community Platform is a software that specializes in communications. These platforms allow its’ users or members to interact within each other. Similar to social media platforms, these platforms can be used, by businesses, to allow their users to stay updated with the services that the business provides, and contact other customers; some platforms even have a live customer service option. 

Sincce sharing files for scheduling meets, Community Platforms can be used as a means to advance your workflow, which equals to a remarkable increase in your revenue. On a single platform, your employees can communicate, plan ahead, and increase productivity as a whole. Community Platforms allow users to create sub-groups within the platform. On the other side of the coin, a Community Platform can also be used as and/or with a B2B Loyalty Software, such as Apex Loyalty, which offers many services such as engagement points, customer segmentation, marketing tools, so on.

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Why You Should Use a Personalized Community Platform?

Though they might seem like a simple step in increasing B2B, B2C or C2C relations, these platforms are worth so much more than what they seem. As mentioned above, businesses that use a Personalized Community Platform will be two steps ahead of the competition in terms of efficiency and revenue. In a business standpoint, success is acquired by teamwork, and a platform that allows easy communication and collaboration among employees is the key to this success. On the other side, it also helps your business stay dynamic.

What to Expect?

A good Community Platform should be customizable (personalized). Not all of the Community Platforms offer this within their services, which may, at times, be misleading in a business scale. From the font of your logo to the color schemes, everything can and should be in an aesthetic harmony. Other than that, Personalized Community Platforms go full length in terms of the services they can provide, and it is up to you to decide which ones you want to put into use. Another quality that you should seek for in a platform is the sufficiency of the UI, which also ties into the easy-to-use aspect. 

Best Personalized Community Platform

Tribe Platform

The tribe is perhaps the most common name you’ll hear in this discussion, and with reason too. Tribe prides itself with being the most customizable community platform in the market today. It is one of the best platforms for brands and creators. Tribe allows your brand to be itself and reflect that the design, allowing you to deviate from misleading your customers. Tribe offers a beautiful and dynamic design that has full personalized theme support.

Tribe is available in both web and mobile use, meaning that your users will not miss a single moment and will stay up to date with your latest news. It also supports a social login system, meaning that your users may and can login to your platform through third party platforms such as Linkedin, Google, Glassdoor, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Within the platform, your users will be able to access an activity feed like many other social media platforms, and the notification tools will help them stay interactive. Even more, systems such as leaderboards, badges, reputation will encourage users to stay active on your platform.

Tribe offers two types of pricing plans: Free and Paid. Free plan, also called Basic, contains essential features, offers community support, theme customization and can be used by 100 members. It also offers a custom domain option.

Paid Plans include all of the features of the Free plan. For Paid, there are three different plans: Plus, Premium, and Enterprise. The Plus plan costs $49 per month. The number of members to use the platform is increased to 10,000 and it also includes Zapier integration along with SEO engines. Premium Plan is $199 per month, and it allows 100,000 members and offers additional apps and features like SSO. Enterprise is the most extensive plan that covers all of the features above and many more. 

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