Account-Based Marketing for B2B

The game of sales is trickier than it has ever been. Particularly after COVID-19 hit the world in 2020, B2B loyalty and marketing strategies have evolved. The primary aim is now to get ahead of the competition not just to earn loyalty but to survive. Coming up with fresh strategies is therefore even more important. Account-based marketing is one of the strategies B2Bs incorporate to stay in the game.

We wanted to give you a broader perspective on this strategy. So in this article, you will read about account-based marketing for B2B: what is it, and is it right for your B2B? Account-based marketing for B2B is a crucial strategy that you might want to consider for the coming periods.

What is account-based marketing for B2B?

In today’s marketing world of chaos, account-based marketing becomes more and more dominant and important. Marketers are hungry for leads, and the audience is very difficult. Everyone wants the VIP treatment. It is account-based marketing that brings about the solution. Let’s see why account-based marketing for B2B works and how it can be implemented to improve leads for your B2B.

We use segmentation, personas, and targeting in normal B2B marketing to try to find prospects who might be interested in our wares. It’s the equivalent of putting out a particular type of birdseed in your backyard because cardinals prefer it, and if you’re going to watch birds, they should be cardinals.

Your B2B content marketing and targeting are the seed, and your prospects are the cardinals in this comparison.

Why is it different?

In account-based marketing, you’re not going to lure any nearby cardinals who are enthralled by your free seed buffet. Instead, you concentrate on a group of birds (some cardinals, robins, and blue jays) that all congregate in the same grove of trees.

To put it plainly, account-based marketing is not about personas per se. It is about companies.

You upload a list of clients you’d like to have with the help of an account-based marketing program. The system then locates all applicable birds employed by that company, such as advertisers, IT professionals, and vice presidents, as appropriate. You’re reaching out to a large number of people at the right company. But that isn’t the true brilliance of it.

Remember to make it relevant

Account-based marketing is unquestionably effective because it allows you to promote to specific businesses rather than wasting time and money on unqualified or unwanted prospects. How often do people request a white paper or register for a webinar even though they have no intention of purchasing the product or service? It happens all the time. Account-based marketing helps to mitigate some of this waste.

B2B account-based marketing helps you hit the target

B2B account-based marketing calls for specifics. The more specific and relevant you are, the better leads and outcomes you will have.

By using the right account-based marketing for B2Bs, you can customize your strategies. The social ads, email communications, website landing pages, display ads, official statements, and direct communications can be tailor-made. Imagine there is a company that you really want to work with. You could not only reach all of the right people in whatever division of the company you’re targeting with account-based marketing, but you could also customize all of the banner ads, social ads, landing pages, and everything else to talk about that company and its particular pain points.

This type of customization has traditionally been done by the best salespeople on the phone, in meetings, and when preparing proposals. ABM enables advertisers to act more like great salespeople, resulting in higher conversion rates and less waste.

Sales and marketing alignment in B2B account-based marketing

Account-based marketing is one of the best strategies for bringing all teams together.

For decades, marketing teams have been developing campaigns to attract new leads so that sales reps can sift through the clutter and find a few leads who might actually buy.

The goal of ABM is to close a single account, which means all teams focus on the same business goal.

It’s the same lead that both teams are chasing when a new lead from your target account comes in. As a result, instead of spending time following up on unqualified leads, sales reps spend more time cultivating qualified, targeted leads.

It’s so successful, in fact, that 80 percent of advertisers who use an ABM program say they’re “slightly too closely” aligned with sales.

Is account-based marketing for B2B right for you?

Targeting a specific company, working on a customized communication, and reaching out to your clientele in this way helps you improve your visibility. Remember that in these times, it is even more important to be memorable and get rapport of your clients. Account-based marketing for B2B is beneficial in that regard.

There are various platforms where you can get professional account-based marketing for B2B. If you need this marketing strategy implemented for you, Apex Loyalty also offers numerous packages. Customizing strategies for your company and your audience, Apex is able to give the right account-based marketing for B2B.


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